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Filly Bat Pony by MorrodertheFreakyGuy

Simply awesome o3o, The legs are a bit sketchy but but I still love em, I'm not a huge mlp fan either o3o, but this is amazing. nicely ...


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I'm starting a donation so I can try and get a membership. Nobody in my house will pay for one cause they think it's a waste of time, and I'm mostly out of the house on fire and rescue missions and we don't get paid with money, its going toward collage funds.

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Jessica Bolden
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Yeah... My name is Jessica, I'm 17 and I am a furry. What is a Furry? by Lucheek
Furry Pride STAMP by Puff-Dahh Furry stamp by golden-jackal Good furry stamp by TheLeetCasualGamer Furry Does Not Equal Yiff by LightLoveAngel E-rated Furry Stamp by Skittycat You say furry... by xAniedog DA Stamp - Fursuits 01 by tppgraphics Pride by xXDarkOneXx Furries of DA by BabyChrisFox Stop hating stamp by AcidPaw Quit Bitching About Furries by linawifeofL Furries Against Bestiality by alaska-is-a-husky

This is my DA page and I really am proud of my art.
I am a extremely shy girl and I have very bad emotional break downs. But if you take the time to get to know me and chat for a while, you'll see I'm either a person your gonna hate or be friends with .-. also like to role play, but It's iffy.

I do Art Trades and Requests but I do them on my free time. if you want a request go ahead and ask I'll get it done asap. I also am starting on icons, I'm still working on moving Icons that link with each other I just can't seem to get somethings right with them though. Please don't beg me to draw fan art for you or anything of that sort. I don't like to be begged

I have a few nicknames. Naomi and or Widget
Only my closest friends may call me by those nick names. If I do not know you then call me by my user name pspsp13... or just call me Jess, I really don't care

::*Spam and Chainmail*::
I do not like Spam and Chain mail... so please don't post it on my wall, okay, thanks.

I 100% hate being tagged... But I will go on and do what the tag says

And thats pretty much it, if you have and questions then please note me...r something

~Character List~
My new look by pspsp13
Name: Naomi Rebecca Carter
Age: pfft I don't know
Gender: Female
Relationship Status: Taken~!!

Brought them back~ by pspsp13
Names: Feathers and Violet
Ages: (F) 17 (V) 15
Gender: (F) M (V) F
Relationship Status: Taken by each other

Pepsi ref Official (bio included) by pspsp13
Name: Pepsi Star Cola
Age: 4
Gender: Female
Relationship status: Taken

Backstroke Ponysona by pspsp13
Name: Back stroke
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Relationship status: Taken~!!~!~!@#@@!!~~!!!!

Name: Widget
Age: .-.
Gender: Female
Relationship status: -blank-

~Nom Nom~R.I.P. Chewy~Nom Nom~

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Email- and
  • Mood: Questionable
  • Listening to: People yelling across the street
  • Reading: nothing perticular
  • Watching: Southpark
  • Playing: AC Newleaf and Diablo 3
  • Eating: Maifung rice noodles
  • Drinking: Diet Rootbeer
School starts in like 8 days, I'm a senor now... so you would guess I should start acting my age.
Well alright. I only have 1 more year till i'm 18 anyway =.= soo my attitude check for this year is to try and keep calm, try and brake my shy-ness, be more open to people and of course only improve to be better. Although being shy has taken a tole on my health and mental figure, I'm starting to loose my mind. Yes being alone is something I did prefer for almost my whole life, but now I realize that being alone is actually a dangerous path to take, Not only will it hurt your image, it will cause you to create fictional characters, No not like your OC's, I mean like a second voice in your head, Something or someone telling you to do things you normally wouldn't do, why smoke? why do drugs? why do any of the wrong things your doing now?! These are things I'm mostly sure a second voice is telling you to do... unless you really want to, then your just an ass...(no offense) Being shy has also given me anger issues. Never have I ever been able to get angry at anybody so quick, I'm not a fighter(Even though my attitude has been like that mostly), I'm actually a lover if you get to know me deep inside. My attitude doesn't reflect who I am, It's what I do that reflects a negative, (semi-negative, positive or semi positive or just a plan asshole) image of who you think I am. So lets start fresh with a brand new me.

Hello, My name Is Jessica Bolden. I also go by Isis, Naomi, Pepsi, and Widget. I just turned 17 and I'm leaving my childish games behind. I love to draw, paint, sculpt, sketch, animate, sew, play video games, watch movies watch famous you tubers, ride bikes, care for animals, listen to music and Make music too. I lost a few of my friends being a loner, online and in school, but I'm willing to change it all and make new ones and repair a broken friendship with those I have ignored purposely or on accident (sorry ;.; I'm an ass I know). I have purposely unwatched people.(for reasons, 1 being I may not liked how you have respond to me, 2, I probably didn't like you from the beginning but watched you to be nice and try and build a friendship but it failed. 3, I just straight up unwatched you for no reason to tell, 4,You were probably one of the people who were bulling me on here, and reason number 5 the most common reason why...I didn't, no I wasn't hacked,I just didn't unwatched you, your still being watched, just look again you should see me still watching you... heh heh  now I sound like a stalker.) I have my flaws. I have lied once(yeah.... remember those flowers Vincent had sent me... yeah his friend sent them to me cause he was to chicken to come and give them to me his self...on second thought he didn't even buy the flowers anyway, his friend sent them and signed it from Vince to me... yeah thats like the only thing I lied about here though. but at home I like a lot on the internet...nope I'm like 99.9% truthful here.0.1% was that lie above.), I often make up stuff (how much is often.. often is like once in a blue moon, out of 365 days in a year, 10 of those days I'll make something up... I have a boring life if you hate me now, then I'm sorry, but i'm changing) I can keep a secret, I can keep things hidden, but I can't keep a promise.(I've broken so many promises it's not even a joke man) I disobey rules (sometimes) and I on some strange occasion steal (not like peoples identities, or drugs or anything like that, small things... like a quarter from your moms wallet or a ps3 controller from your brothers room...i did that one like 6 times.... but i gave it back so it's more like borrowing without permission.) Holy shit i'm sneaky as fuck. I'm very sneaky and that's the whole reason why I'm grounded. how sneaky am I per-say? sneaky like a fox. Oh that and I tend to get in conversations that aren't meant for me to read/hear. that's pretty much it.
I'm not active, but now I am. I ride horses(gonna show you soon), care for horses, and I'm gonna help my mom run a daycare center.
I'm oh so lazy and I will cook now and then. only reason why I cook is cause I have three older brothers that use to live with me, now I only have to deal with my 30 year old brother, but he's moving out soon so It'll just be me and mom...which means I'm gonna have to clean a lot more.. oh and I also don't like to clean but I'll get it done on my own time. Sleeping in is good, but I need to brake that habit. ..
but other then that. I'm just a normal girl with dreams that often get crushed in like the next 5 seconds I get them ;.;. Some people call me a spoiled rotten brat. I call myself a lucky person. not a lot of kids let alone some teens have most the stuff I have, if you do then good for you, if not then work hard for what you want then you will get it from your fruits of labor, somebody taught me that having others buy you stuff isn't as rewarding as you buying it yourself. is it true? maybe so. I've never been able to do so, but I look up to him and keep him in my thought everyday.
As of right now I'm planning on saving up for a premium account so I can change my dumb ass username. I'm just a bit tired of pspsp13, so it shall be changed to something like Naomi or Widget still thinking.. I was thinking on doing some cheap point commissions or cheap 1-4 point adopts. 


Full body shot
Gunnar Wings by pspsp13
Lilac Wings~ by pspsp13
How you like me now? by pspsp13
Full body shots of your character with a fancy background
Head Shot
Headshot bitch! by pspsp13
Simple Head shot of your character

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