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Filly Bat Pony by MorrodertheFreakyGuy

Simply awesome o3o, The legs are a bit sketchy but but I still love em, I'm not a huge mlp fan either o3o, but this is amazing. nicely ...


Azazel by pspsp13
The History of the war.
The war started when a wolf named Azazel, One of the Gods, betrayed one another by running off with and showing his self to the humans, which it the number one rules to never do.. He was caught and badly injured by a human and was held up in a cage as lure for the other gods.
A white wolf named Misha and her human companion later freed him telling him what the humans are planning to do when they caught all of the wolf gods and goddess.
It was to late for Azazel to escape back to the where the wolf gods lived so he stayed with the white wolf and her human companion. Azazel stayed with those two for a three days. With each passing day he learned more of what was happening and what the humans were planing to do after they had all the gods.
On the forth day, That's when the war broke out. The goddess and gods and their army came down and attacked the humans for keeping Azazel, It turned out that all they wanted was Azazel to come back with them and The whole war could have been avoided.
The humans being so stupid thought that the wolves. The wolves they have known for many years of their lives had traded on them and prayed for the gods to come and take Azazel from them and ruin their plan.
The humans then betrayed The wolves and attacked them and their gods and goddess. The war raged on for a very long time, and Azazel and the others went into hiding since he was still injured.
Azazel knew the war would stop if he showed himself... so he did. But little did he knew the white wolf Misha, was pregnant With his pup. The Misha begged and pleaded Azazel to stay trying to tell him the news. But he refused to listen and went on to the war.
It was weeks after Misha had seen or heard from Azazel, and her human had killed himself just for her to feed herself and her young. She had lost all her company and was waiting for her pup to come. However the wait was to long for her and she couldn't take it anymore so ran off to fight.
Many days later Misha wolf gave birth to a daughter. she stayed in the den to care for her and came out to fight when her daughter was asleep. She hasn't seen Azazel during the battle at all. But the news of Hell's daughters birth spread like crazy and everybody started searching for Hell's daughter even Azazel.
Misha knew her daughter was in trouble and ran to her den to try and protect her, while on her way to the den she was attacked and she lost her life.
Azazel knew where The young pup was and ran in before anybody found her spot and he saved her. Just as he was about to leave the war zone he was caught and cornered by humans.
He was given a choice, Hand over Hell's daughter and live or die with Hell's daughter. Azazel gained a smart plan. He disappeared in the depths of hell with Hell's daughter, placed a curse on her and brought her back, making it impossible for humans to harm her in any way shape or form. He handed her over calling her Raksha and before he could fully turn around, He was attacked by one of the gods.

The humans for some strange reason could not do anything to Raksha and watched as the two gods fought each other. Azazel was victorious in killing the god cause only a god can kill a god After the war was over Raksha was laying there alone, she was later saved by strangers. Azazel on the other hand was banished to the depths of hell and never to return. He lost his title as god and was left back to Hell. After taking the time to fully comprehend what had happened he had relised that he was Hell himself. 

He now lives with Misha, Crash,  Rutt and Duke in Hell. Raksha only coming to visit when ever she can find the time to.

I made no new updates to him so I just snagged his older look from here.…
Crash Rutt Duke Updates by pspsp13
Crash Rutt Duke Updates
This is the first you've ever seen of Crash,Rutt and Duke.
Crash and Duke are full blooded Hellhounds while there brother Rutt is more wolf like his mother.
There sister Raksha however is a Hell Wolf. Meaning she's the body of a regular wolf but has the blood of a Hellhound running though her veins. meaning she has special powers that not even her father knows about.
Crash is the leading head or the main brain. He's there fathers favorite only because he takes more of the looks in the face from him. Since They all share the same body He also makes more sense to situations then his brothers ever will.
Rutt is the ditz of the three heads. The fun and sensitive loving brother. He's nice to others when he isn't supposed to be. He looks after Raksha more offten even though she's older then them by a few days.
Duke is the rowdy one. Violence is always the answer with him. he takes no interest in Raksha seeing as she isn't very important to him. He only cares about himself... and Crash. if Crash died then the three of them die..
NightSilk by pspsp13
Name: Night Silk
Nick Name: Silky
Show Name: Night as smooth as Silk
AD #: 104
Gender: Stallion
Age: 3 years
Rarity: Rare
Coat: Black Laced Back with Badger Face
Breed: Dissociatet Horse - Pure Blood 
Sire: Starter
Dam: Starter
Competition use: Dressage, jumping
Height: 15 HH
Favorite Foods: Apples and sugar cubes.
Foals: None
Personality: Calm, obedient, Friendly toward other horses of his breed, Finicky, quiet, fast, Agile, Brave,    

The Dissociate horse is a closes species.…
Edit: Nope just a whole lot of nopes. didn't mean to submit him to the gallery-.-
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Like seriously guys, Just stop. It's starting to piss me the fuck off. Everywhere I go I see A fan character of FNAF. It was cute at first but now it's starting to get out of control.
If your gonna make a damn Animatronic oc then go ahead, but for god sakes  DON'T FUCKING LINK IT TO FNAF'S!
  • Mood: Sadness
So I helped my friend rescue a neglected she-cat and before we took her, the owner said another cat was plopped right on top of her, so she might be pregnant, I'm not sure yet. I introduced her to Loki and he showed big interest in her. so I'm afraid she's still in heat. All my mom knows is that we got a new cat.
She's really affectionate  and rolls on the floor a lot. so I grabbed her scruff and stroked her back and she did raise her hind quarters. but even when I didn't grab her scruff she still raised her hind quarters. She hasn't meowed in low tones yet. I also just got her today and am not sure if we are still able to keep her.

Do any of you know whats going on here? Is she pregnant or not?


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Yeah... My name is Naomi, I'm 17 and I am a furry. What is a Furry? by Lucheek
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Horzer: free online game, take care of a horse

This is my DA page and I really am proud of my art.
I am a extremely shy girl and I have very bad emotional break downs. But if you take the time to get to know me and chat for a while, you'll see I'm either a person your gonna hate or be friends with .-. also like to role play, but It's iffy.

I do Art Trades and Requests but I do them on my free time. if you want a request go ahead and ask I'll get it done asap. I also am starting on icons, I'm still working on moving Icons that link with each other I just can't seem to get somethings right with them though. Please don't beg me to draw fan art for you or anything of that sort. I don't like to be begged

I have a few nicknames. Naomi and or Widget
Only my closest friends may call me by those nick names. If I do not know you then call me by my user name pspsp13... or just call me Jess, I really don't care

::*Spam and Chainmail*::
I do not like Spam and Chain mail... so please don't post it on my wall, okay, thanks.

I 100% hate being tagged... But I will go on and do what the tag says

And thats pretty much it, if you have and questions then please note me...r something

~Character List~
My new look by pspsp13
Name: Naomi Rebecca Carter
Age: pfft I don't know
Gender: Female
Relationship Status: Taken~!!

Brought them back~ by pspsp13
Names: Feathers and Violet
Ages: (F) 17 (V) 15
Gender: (F) M (V) F
Relationship Status: Taken by each other

Pepsi ref Official (bio included) by pspsp13
Name: Pepsi Star Cola
Age: 4
Gender: Female
Relationship status: Taken

Backstroke Ponysona by pspsp13
Name: Back stroke
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Relationship status: Taken~!!~!~!@#@@!!~~!!!!

Widget by pspsp13
Name: Widget
Age: .-.
Gender: Female
Relationship status: -blank-

~Nom Nom~R.I.P. Chewy~Nom Nom~

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Horzer: free online game, take care of a horse
Email- and
  • Mood: Furious
Like seriously guys, Just stop. It's starting to piss me the fuck off. Everywhere I go I see A fan character of FNAF. It was cute at first but now it's starting to get out of control.
If your gonna make a damn Animatronic oc then go ahead, but for god sakes  DON'T FUCKING LINK IT TO FNAF'S!


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